Founded by two good friends, Madhaus Design Group, LLC was established in March of 2014 to fulfill a shared dream of owning and operating their own design business. With over 10 years of combined design experience, they've created a duo more creative and effective than the sum of their parts.

The Madhaus team has a true enthusiasm and love for our craft. We're dedicated to producing the best designs that we can, while fostering lasting, personal, and productive client relationships. We'll make our best effort to understand your unique visual needs and the needs of your business. Always expect to be treated well, and to the highest standard.

Josh Toth

Technical Director

Josh Toth is a bona-fide web guru with over 8 years of programming expertise under his belt. Josh specializes in server-side programming and development, which amounts to lots of text and symbols that Kyle doesn't understand. At Madhaus, he makes sure that everything computer-related works, from the core of your website to the awesome front-end animations.

In his spare time, Josh enjoys playing with his cats, flying (he’s a licensed pilot, not a superhero), and playing the piano. He travels between Cleveland and Cincinnati, where he lives with two cats and a very large printer.

Photo of Josh Toth

Photo of Josh Toth

Photo of Kyle Smith

Photo of Kyle Smith

Kyle Smith

Creative Director

Kyle Smith is super detail-oriented. I mean, he's really nit-picky about choosing colors, fonts, and images to work just right in his designs. He has a deep respect and understanding for typography. He's a proudly indebted owner of a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design & Photography (he even has the fancy embossed paper in a frame!). At Madhaus, he’s responsible for overseeing the print, identity, and typographic aspects of our work.

In his spare time, Kyle enjoys slaying electro-bad guys, hiking, and binge-watching nerdy tv shows on Netflix. He currently lives in Youngstown, Ohio where he's successfully kept a money tree alive for three months.